Frozen Food Category

Vegetarian Products & Meat Free Alternatives

  Description Stock Code
Vegetable Superburger
Uncoated Vegetable Superburger [48x113g] FZAV120
Breaded Vegetable Burger
Crumbed Vegetable Burger [48x113g] FZAV127
Katerveg Vegan Mince Gluten Free
Katerveg Vegan and Gluten Free Mince [1kg] FZAV213
Katerveg Vegan Mince Gluten Free
Katerveg Vegan and Gluten Free Mince [10x1kg] FZAV216
Quorn Pieces
Quorn Pieces [1kg] FZAV277
Quorn Pieces
Quorn Pieces [10x1kg] FZAV280
Vegetable Sausages
Vegetable Sausage [48x56g] FZAV325
Quorn Sausages
Quorn Sausages - 50g [2kg] FZAV341
Quorn Sausages
Quorn Sausages - 50g [5x2kg] FZAV344
Vegetarian Meat Free Meatballs
Linda McCartney Meat-Free Vege Meatballs [130 / 1.5kg] FZAV498
Vegetable Nuggets
Katerveg Vegetable Nuggets [2kg] FZAV564
Spinach, Ricotta Parmesan Plait
Bakehouse Spinach, Ricotta & Parmesan Plait [36x120g] FZBA003
Bakehouse Cheese Twist
Bakehouse Cheese Twist [50x90g] FZBA009
Mustard & 3 Cheese Swirl
Bridor Ready To Bake Mustard & 3 Cheese Swirl [54x120g] FZBDOR113
Penny Lane Mini Cheese and Onion Cocktail Pasties
Penny Lane Unbaked Mini Cheese & Onion Pasty [60x75g] FZBR124
Spinach and Feta Slice
Penny Lane Unbaked Spinach & Feta Slice [24x200g] FZBR340
Wholemeal Vegetable Pasty
Penny Lane Wholemeal Vegetable Pasty [24x230g] FZBR363
Penny Lane Jamaican Slice
Penny Lane Unbaked Jamaican Slice [24x200g] FZBR450
Penny Lane Cheese Straws [350x25g] FZBR614
Penny Lane Vegetable Pasty
Penny Lane Unbaked Vegetable Pasty [36x285g] FZBR677

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