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Frozen Sausage Rolls

Here at Bradleys Foods, you can find our selection of baked and unbaked sausage rolls that are frozen and ready for the oven. Our wholesale frozen sausage rolls are available in different sizes and flavours such as the chorizo sausage roll.

If you need wholesale sausage rolls for your catering business, we’ve got them ready for you at affordable prices. Many choose to buy in bulk because of our prices and because of the customer demand for fresh, hot sausage rolls. If you’re interested in buying bulk sausage rolls, you can get exactly what you need.

The Best Quality Wholesale Frozen Sausage Rolls

We offer lots of different types of foods, but primarily we’re a baked product specialist. We work with the leading suppliers of baked products, such as Macphie, Dawn Foods, CSM, Puratos, Bakels, and Ireks. This means you can rest assured that our sausage rolls and other bakery products are of the highest quality. If you’re interested in other great frozen foods, you can find them here.

We’re a family-run business based in Kent, and we mainly supply to customers who are large organisations such as schools, universities, and hotels i n Sussex, Surrey, Essex, and South-East London.

We’re committed to helping our customers. If you have any questions at all about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can usually help with sourcing individual products that may be hard to find, we can offer advice on food supply and menu ideas, and we can discuss special packages for unique requirements.

  Description Stock Code
Korker's Sausage Rolls 6 inch
Korkers 6" Sausage Rolls [100] FZASR26
Penny Lane Unbaked Sausage Roll Jumbo [48x160g]
Penny Lane Unbaked Sausage Roll Jumbo [48x160g] FZBR558
Chorizo Sausage Roll
Proper Cornish 6" Chorizo Roll [40x177g] FZPC580
School Compliant Sausage Roll
Proper Cornish School Compliant Sausage Roll [60x120g] FZPC876
Jumbo Sausage Roll
Wrights Unbaked Jumbo Sausage Rolls [48x160g] FZW2075
Wrights Sausage Rolls
Wrights Unbaked 6" Sausage Rolls [66x120g] FZW2120
Wrights 6-inch Sausage Roll
Wrights Baked & Wrapped 6" Sausage Rolls [60x110g] FZW2122
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Wrights Unbaked 2.5" Cocktail Sausage Rolls [180x50g] FZW2125
Sausage Rolls Selection
Wrights Unbaked 4" Sausage Roll [108x80g] FZW2127
Wrights Sausage Rolls
Wrights Unbaked 6" Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls [66x120g] FZW2134
Wrights 6-inch Sausage Roll
Bradleys Unbaked 6" Sausage Roll [66x120g] FZW2217
Bradleys Jumbo Sausage Roll
Bradleys Unbaked Jumbo Sausage Roll [48x150g] FZW2218
Wrights 8" Sausage Rolls Selection
Wrights Unbaked 8" Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls [48x160g] FZW2246
Jumbo Sausage Roll Baked Wrapped
Wrights Baked & Wrapped Jumbo Sausage Rolls [35x150g] FZW2723
Wrights Unbaked 6" Premium Sausage Roll [40x190g] FZW2797

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