Bakery Mixes

Baked goods, both savoury and sweet, are always going to be popular with customers. One problem that people often encounter, though, is that preparing them can be time-consuming and difficult. That is where Bradleys Foods can help. We have an impressive range of wholesale baking mixes to make it quick, convenient and simple to prepare a wide variety of delicious baked products - from cookies to pasties. With our selection of easy-to-use products, we make baking simple. Sweet Baking Mixes

We sell an extensive array of wholesale food catering products designed to meet the needs of bakeries and independent retailers. Our delicious sweet baking mixes are designed for speed and convenience. Our range includes: · Brownies · Cakes · Cookies · Crumbles · Macaroons · Flapjacks · Muffins · Scones · Slices · Sponges · Viennese

In our wholesale ambient products range we also stock cheesecake, mousse, and pastry mixes, as well as a variety of doughnut bases, to satisfy any sweet tooth.

  Description Stock Code
ADM Carolina Cookie Mix [12.5kg] COO6102
ADM Carrot Inclusive Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR2589
ADM Chocolate Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2283
ADM Chocolate Sponge Mix [12.5kg] SPO1024
ADM Madeira Cake Mix [12.5kg] MAD1136
ADM New York Chocolate Muffin Mix [12.5kg] MUF1021
ADM New York Plain Muffin Mix [12.5kg] MUF1457
ADM Plain Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2657
ADM Plain Sponge Mix [12.5kg] SPO1209
ADM Scone Mix [12.5kg] SCO1145
ADM Toffee Cake Mix [12.5kg] TOF2736
Bakels Crossing Mix [12.5kg] CRO1737
Bakels Multi Mix Cake Base [12.5kg] MULTI120
Caterers Choice Plain Sponge Mix [3.5kg] MIXS715
No Bake Chocolate Slice Mix
Chocolate No Bake Slice Mix [12.5kg] CHO5720
Bakels Chocolate Sponge Mix
Chocolate Sponge Mix [3.5kg] MIXS700
Craigmillar 2 Way Savoury Scone Concentrate [16kg] SCO3180
Craigmillar 2 Way Scone Concentrate [16kg] SCO3126
Craigmillar Banana Cake Mix [12.5kg] BAN2748
Buttery Scone Mix
Craigmillar Buttery Scone Mix [12.5kg] SCO1206
Carrot Cake Mix
Craigmillar Carrot Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR1239
Craigmillar Chocolate Cake Mix
Craigmillar Chocolate Cake Mix [12.5kg] CHO1221
Craigmillar Chocolate Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2328
Coconut Macaroon Mix
Craigmillar Coconut Macaroon Mix [10kg] COC3093

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