Bakery Mixes

  Description Stock Code
Macphie Apple & Cinnamon Sensation [12.5kg] APP1100
Banana Satin
Puratos Banana Satin Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] BAN2811
Dawn Chewy Fudge Brownie
Dawn Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix [12.5kg] BRO2632
Brownie Mix
Ireks Brownie Mix [12.5kg] BRO2740
Macphie Brownie Mix [12.5kg] BRO2776
Brownie Mix Gluten Free
Ireks Gluten Free Brownie Mix [12.5kg] BRO2865
Carrot Cake Mix
Craigmillar Carrot Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR1239
ADM Carrot Inclusive Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR2589
Carrot Cake
Dawn Carrot Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR2652
Macphie Carrot Cake Mix
Macphie American Carrot Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR2733
Carrot Cake
Puratos Satin Carrot Cake Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR2814
Cherry Bakewell Carousel
Macphie Cherry Bakewell Sensation [12.5kg] CHE1605
Craigmillar Chocolate Cake Mix
Craigmillar Chocolate Cake Mix [12.5kg] CHO1221
Chocolate Satin
Puratos Chocolate Satin Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CHO2805
No Bake Chocolate Slice Mix
Chocolate No Bake Slice Mix [12.5kg] CHO5720
Macphie Chocolate Orange Sensations
Macphie Chocolate Orange Sensation [12.5kg] CHO5749
Macphie Choutex Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Eclair
Macphie Choutex [12.5kg] CHOU100
Zeelandia Chouxpreme
Zeelandia Chouxpreme [8kg] CHOU181
Satin Coconut
Puratos Coconut Satin Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] COC2823
Coconut Macaroon Mix
Craigmillar Coconut Macaroon Mix [10kg] COC3093
Coffee Satin
Puratos Coffee Satin Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] COF2820
Prairie Vanilla and Dark Devils Cookies
Dawn Dark Devils Chocolate Cookie Base [12.5kg] COO6072
Chocolate Cookie Mix
Macphie Soft And Chewy Choc Cookie Mix [12.5kg] COO6099
ADM Carolina Cookie Mix [12.5kg] COO6102

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