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Wholesale baking mixes can make baking fast, simple and easy to follow. Your clients won’t be able to tell the difference. Why waste precious time making everything from scratch when you could just make use of our huge selection of cake mixes for catering? Come check out our incredible selection of wholesale baking mixes and order today?

An Incredible Range Of Wholesale Baking Mixes

If you’ve been searching for wholesale cake mixes for catering and can’t find a reliable vendor, then look no further, Bradleys Foods are here to help. You can find an extensive selection of wholesale baking mixes for all your catering needs. We have wholesale brownie mix and much more. Some of our other mixes include:

  • ADM Carolina Cookie Mix
  • ADM Chocolate Creme Cake Mix
  • ADM Madeira Cake Mix
  • Chocolate Sponge Mix
  • Lots of other wholesale baking mixes to choose from

The Best Wholesale Cake Mix Suppliers

Here at Bradleys, we offer a huge selection of wholesale baking mixes, meaning that we have something for everyone. Our staff are very friendly and will aid you in finding the right products you need, as well as being able to answer any queries you might have. We always put our customers first, that’s why we have such a large range of wholesale cake mixes to choose from. We stand out from other suppliers who perhaps only offer a few different types of mixes, but we have well over one hundred!

Contact Our Team

If you need wholesale cake mix in the UK, then you need to get in touch with Bradleys Foods. Our expert teams are here to assist you with your every need. You won't find a better wholesale supplier.

  Description Stock Code
ADM Carolina Cookie Mix [12.5kg] COO6102
ADM Carrot Inclusive Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR2589
ADM Chocolate Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2283
ADM New York Chocolate Muffin Mix [12.5kg] MUF1021
ADM New York Plain Muffin Mix [12.5kg] MUF1457
ADM Plain Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2657
ADM Plain Sponge Mix [12.5kg] SPO1209
ADM Scone Mix [12.5kg] SCO1145
Bakels Crossing Mix [12.5kg] CRO1737
Bakels Multi Mix Cake Base [12.5kg] MULTI120
Craigmillar 2 Way Savoury Scone Concentrate [16kg] SCO3180
Craigmillar Scone Concentrate [16kg] SCO3126
Craigmillar Banana Cake Mix [12.5kg] BAN2748
Buttery Scone Mix
Craigmillar Buttery Scone Mix [12.5kg] SCO1206
Carrot Cake Mix
Craigmillar Carrot Cake Mix [12.5kg] CAR1239
Craigmillar Chocolate Cake Mix
Craigmillar Chocolate Cake Mix [12.5kg] CHO1221
Craigmillar Chocolate Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2328
Coconut Macaroon Mix
Craigmillar Coconut Macaroon Mix [10kg] COC3093
Complete Sponge Cake Mix
Craigmillar Complete Sponge Mix [12.5kg] SPO1224
Farmhouse Cake Mix
Craigmillar Farmhouse Cake Mix [12.5kg] FAR1194
Craigmillar Fudge Brownie Mix
Craigmillar Fudge Brownie Mix [12.5kg] FUD126
Madeira Cake Mix
Craigmillar Madeira Cake Mix [12.5kg] MAD1181
Craigmillar Plain Creme Cake Mix [12.5kg] CRE2720
Rich Celebration Cake Mix
Craigmillar Rich Celebration Cake Mix [12.5kg] RIC1200

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