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Tape Vinyl
Bag Sealing Tape [Roll] VIN5799
7"x9" [175x225mm] 120G Polythene Bag [1000] ZBAGPO07X09
8"x10" [200x250mm] 120G Polythene Bag [1000] ZBAGPO08X10
10"x12" [250x300mm] 120G Polythene Bag [1000] ZBAGPO10X12
10"x15" [250x375mm] 120G Polythene Bag [1000] ZBAGPO10X15
12"x15" [300x375mm] 120G Polythene Bag [1000] ZBAGPO12X15
12"x18" [300x450mm] 120G Polythene Bag [1000] ZBAGPO12X18
15"x20" [375x500mm] 120G Polythene Bag [500] ZBAGPO15X20
18"x24" [450x600mm] 100g Polythene Bag [250] ZBAGPO18X24
20"x30" [500x750mm] 120G Polythene Bag [250] ZBAGPO20X30
24"x36" [600x900mm] 100G Polythene Bag [250] ZBAGPO24X36
9"x12"x3" Small 400G Polythene Bread Bag [1000] ZBAGPO28
11"x14"x3" Large 800G Polythene Bread Bag [1000] ZBAGPO30
Bread Bag
290x350+120mm +10mm Lip Perforated Poly Bread Bag [2000] ZBAGPO31
6"x10"x18" Polythene Loaf Satchel [1000] Large ZBAGPO32
8"x12"x22" Polythene Loaf Satchel [500] XL ZBAGPO34
8"x12"x22" Polythene Loaf Satchel [2x500] XL ZBAGPO36

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