Traditional Pasties

Traditional wholesale savoury pasties, including steak, beef, chicken & much more. Find out more here & call to place an order today.

  Description Stock Code
Penny Lane Mini Beef Cocktail Pastry
Penny Lane Unbaked Mini Beef Cocktail Pasty [60x80g] FZBR106
Bradleys Traditional Pasty
Bradleys Traditional Pasty [30x248g] FZCF203
Plumtree Traditional Pasty
Plumtree Traditional Pasty [30x248g] FZCF215
Steak and Ale Pasty
Proper Cornish Steak & Ale Pasty [20x283g] FZPC04
Steak Pasty
Proper Cornish Steak Pasty [20x283g] FZPC12
Chicken Bacon and Leek Pasty
Proper Cornish Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pasty [20x283g] FZPC229
Wrights Potato and Corned Beef Pasties
Wrights Unbaked Potato & Corned Beef Pasties [36x185g] FZW2040
Cheese and Onion Pasty
Wrights Unbaked Cheese & Onion Pasties [48x127g] FZW2044
Wrights Cornish Pasties
Wrights Unbaked Beef and Vegetable Pasties [36x180g] FZW2104
Traditional Pasty
Wrights Unbaked Beef & Vegetable Pasties [30x216g] FZW2105
Cheese and Onion Pasty
Wrights Baked & Wrapped Cheese & Onion Pasties [30x175g] FZW2107
Cheese and Onion Pasty
Wrights Unbaked Cheese & Onion Pasties [36x185g] FZW2110
Wrights Cornish Pasties
Wrights Baked & Wrapped Beef and Vegetable Pasties [24x210g] FZW2203
Wrights Unbaked Bakers Choice Shortcrust Pasty [30x220g] FZW2277
Wrights Unbaked Bakers Choice Large Shortcrust Pasty [24x280g] FZW2278

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