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Part Baked Bread

Part baked breads are an essential to have. If you need part baked pasties wholesale or part baked baguettes wholesale then why not consider choosing from a range of Bradley’s wholesale part baked breads?

Make your customers happy with high quality products that will leave their mouths watering.

Wholesale Part Baked Bread

Bradley’s Foods has an extensive range of part baked breads to choose from. It can be difficult to find a wholesale supplier with plenty of product options to choose from. That’s why Bradley’s Foods have so many! You can find things such as:

• Baked Crumpets • Bridor Fruit Loaf • Panesco Part Baked Premium Plus Parisienne Baguette • Panesco Premium Plus Petit Pain • Panesco Pre-Grilled Panini • Tons More To Choose From!

A Wholesale Supplier You Can Count On

Searching for a reliable wholesale supplier is no easy feat. Many wholesale suppliers will only carry one or two options, but here at Bradley’s Foods, we are happy to be able to offer ten different part-baked breads to choose from.

If you’re looking for a frozen baguette wholesale supplier then look no further. We offer wholesale supply at great and competitive prices.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in setting up an account with Bradley’s Foods and making your first purchase, then why not get in contact with a member of our team who will be happy to help. We can answer any questions or queries about any stock ranges.

Searching for wholesale part baked baguettes just got a whole lot easier. Bradley’s are a one stop shop for all of your wholesale needs. So why not have a look at many of our other products too?

  Description Stock Code
Part Baked Premium Demi-Baguette
Panesco Part Baked Premium Demi-Baguette [45x125g] FZABR187
Premium Paysanne Demi-Baguette
Panesco Part Baked Premium Plus Paysanne Demi Baguette [45x125g] FZABR194
Part Baked Premium Parisienne Baguette
Panesco Part Baked Premium Plus Parisienne Baguette [14x440g] FZABR238
Pre-Grilled Panini
Panesco Pre-Grilled Panini [55x110g] FZABR400
Large Pre-Sliced Marked Panini
Schulstad Part Baked Pre-Sliced Grill Marked Panini [30x135g] FZABR427

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