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  Description Stock Code
Bakels Artisan Bread Complete
Bakels Artisan Bread Complete [12.5kg] ART1200
Easy Baguette
Puratos Easy Baguette [15kg] BAG2733
Easy Ciabatta
Puratos Easy Ciabatta [15kg] CIA2736
Corn Bread Mix
Ireks Corn Bread Mix [12.5kg] COR2300
Fiesta Corn Bread Mix
Fiesta Corn Bread Mix [16kg] COR2355
Dark Rye Bread Mix
Ireks Bavarian Dark Rye Bread Mix [25kg] IRE5829
Ireks Bavarian Light Rye Bread Mix [25kg] IRE5838
Arkady Multiseed Original Mix [16kg] MUL6791
Bakels Gluten Free Multiseed Bread Complete [12.5kg] MUL6845
Wrights Parmesan and Sundried Tomato Bread Mix
Wrights Parmesan & Sundried Tomato Bread Mix [12kg] MXBPARM12
Wrights Rye Bread Mix
Wrights Rye Bread Mix [12kg] MXBRYE12
Ireks Pia Do Bread Mix
Ireks Pia Do Bread Mix [12.5kg] PIADO
Macphie Seeduction
Macphie Seeduction Low Gi Multiseed Bread Mix [16kg] SEE7012
Singluplus Vital
Ireks Singluplus Gluten Free Bread Mix [12.5kg] SINPLUS
Ireks Singluplus Seeded Brown Bread Mix
Ireks Singluplus 'Seeds' GF Seeded Brown Bread Mix [12.5kg] SINVITAL
Spelt and Honey Bread Mix
Ireks Spelt & Honey Bread Mix [25kg] SPELTHON

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