Frozen Food Category

Pastry Shapes and Sheets

  Description Stock Code
2.5" Medium Unfilled Vol-Au-Vents [18] FZAPA344
2mm Ready Pinned Pastry Roll [10kg] FZCF612
3mm Ready Pinned Pastry Roll [10kg] FZCF615
21"x13" Gastronorm Sheets [10x750g] FZCF618
5" Puff Pastry Squares [96x55g] FZCF621
7.5"x5.5" Puff Pastry Ovals [112x85g] FZCF630
Golden Bake Pinned Puff Pastry Roll
Golden Bake P79 2mm Ready Pinned Puff Pastry Roll [10kg] FZGBP127
Golden Bake Puff Pastry Sheets
Golden Bake P31 580x380mm Single Puff Pastry Sheet No1 [16x625g] FZGBP145
Golden Bake Puff Pastry Squares
Golden Bake P41 5" Puff Pastry Square [96x50g] FZGBP163
P82 Pastry Ovals
Golden Bake 187x37mm Oval Disc [96x85g] FZGBP244
Danish Pastry Squares 13x13cm [100] FZM909
Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry Rolls
Pukka PS5 Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry Rolls [2x5kg] FZP515
Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry Rolls
Pukka PS10 Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry Rolls [2x10kg] FZP518
Pukka Short Cuts 20 Sheets
Pukka Short Cuts - 20 Sheets [20x1kg] FZP530

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