Ambient Food Category


  Description Stock Code
Mayonnaise Sachet
Freshers Mayonnaise Sachets [198] MAY1503
Hellmann's Mayonnaise Portions
Hellmann's Mayonnaise Sachets [198x10ml] MAY1521
Squeezy Mayonnaise 1ltr
Squeezy Mayonnaise [1ltr] MAY1544
Oasis Premium Mayonnaise
Oasis Premium Mayonnaise [2.5ltr] MAY1550
Oasis Coronation Mayonnaise
Oasis Coronation Mayonnaise [2.5ltr] MAY1555
Oasis Tikka Mayonnaise
Oasis Tikka Mayonnaise [2.5ltr] MAY1560
Oasis Lite Mayonnaise (5 litres)
Oasis 'Lite' Mayonnaise [5ltr] MAY1566
Oasis Premium Mayonnaise (5 litres)
Oasis Premium Mayonnaise [5ltr] MAY1569
Extra Thick Mayonnaise 5 & 10ltr
Oasis Extra Thick Mayonnaise [5ltr] MAY1572
Hellmans Light Mayonnaise
Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise [5ltr] MAY1575
Hellmans Real Mayonnaise
Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise [5ltr] MAY1581
Hellmans Extra Thick Mayonnaise
Hellmann's Extra Thick Mayonnaise [5ltr] MAY1587
Bradleys Mayo 10L
Bradleys Mayonnaise [10ltr] MAY1635
Premium Mayonnaise 10ltr
Oasis Premium Mayonnaise [10ltr] MAY1638
Hellmans Real Mayonnaise
Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise [10ltr] MAY1644

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