Frozen Food Category

Savoury Products

  Description Stock Code
Ham and Cheese Swirl
Bridor Ready To Bake Ham & Cheese Swirl [54x120g] FZBDOR105
Pizza Swirl
Bridor Ready To Bake Pizza Swirl [54x120g] FZBDOR129
Penny Lane Cheese and Bacon Turnover
Penny Lane Unbaked Bacon & Cheese Turnovers [36x147g] FZBR212
Brunchy [36x217g] FZBR230
Bacon & Cheese Turnover
Bacon & Cheese Turnover [30x161g] FZCF530
Hot Dog Lattice
Baker & Baker Hot Dog Lattice [48x115g] FZCR203
Ham and Cheese Crown
Golden Bake S20 Ham & Cheese Crown [36x110g] FZGBSV622
Proper Cornish Cheese and Bacon Puff Bite
Proper Cornish Bacon & Cheese Puff Bite [30x135g] FZPC14
Hunters Chicken Turnover
Proper Cornish Hunters Chicken Turnover [30x180g] FZPC633
Burger Bar
Wrights Unbaked Burger Bar [20x165g] FZW2012
Bacon and Cheese Puff
Wrights Unbaked Bacon & Cheese Puffs [42x155g] FZW2103
Wrights Meatball Marinara Lattice
Wrights Unbaked Meatball Marinara Lattice [36x175g] FZW2478

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