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Wholesale Danish pastries, pain au chocolates, swirls & plaits are the perfect accompaniment to a tea or coffee. Find out more here & place an order today.

  Description Stock Code
Pain au Chocolat au Beurre
Panesco Fully Baked Pain Au Chocolat Au Beurre [48x70g] FZABK301
Bridor Pain Chocolat
Schulstad Ready To Bake Pain Chocolate [48x90g] FZBA087
Bridor Pain Raisin
Schulstad Ready To Bake Pain Raisin [36x105g] FZBA090
Maple Pecan Plait
Schulstad Maple Pecan Plait [48x100g] FZBA108
Cinnamon Swirl
Schulstad Cinnamon Swirl [48x88g] FZBA117
Apple Crown
Schulstad Apple Crown [48x100g] FZBA135
Apricot Crown
Schulstad Apricot Crown [48x100g] FZBA153
Vanilla Creme Crown
Schulstad Vanilla Crème Crown [48x100g] FZBA168
Schulstad Royal Danish Selection
Schulstad Royal Danish Selection [36x88/100g] FZBA234
Mini Danish Selection
Schulstad Mini Danish Selection [120x42g] FZBA252
Cheese and Onion Twist
Bridor Cheese and Onion Torsade [70x90g] FZBDOR156
Pizza Twist
Bridor Pizza Torsade [70x90g] FZBDOR170
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Au Chocolat
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Au Chocolat [180x70g] FZBDOR245
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Chocolat
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Chocolat [150x80g] FZBDOR251
Raw Butter Chocolate Torsade
Bridor Raw Butter Chocolate Torsade [65x120g] FZBDOR272
Bridor Pain Aux Paisin 130g
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Aux Raisin [90x130g] FZBDOR392
Bridor Mini Cinnamon Swirl [260x35g]
Bridor Mini Cinnamon Swirl [260x35g] FZBDOR428
Bridor Filled Almond Croissant
Bridor Ready To Bake Filled Almond Croissant Almond Topping [60x95g] FZBDOR560
Bridor Pain Au Chocolat 70g
Bridor Ready To Bake Butter Pain Au Chocolat [70x75g] FZBDOR596
Extravagants x 3
Bridor Ready To Bake Triple Chocolate Extravagant [60x95g] FZBDOR604

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