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Savoury Catering Mixes

Not only do we stock sweet baking mixes, we also stock a range of savoury catering mixes to suit a range of needs. Our selection includes: · Pasty mixes · Fish batter mixes · Bread mixes · Pizza base mixes · Yorkshire pudding mixes · Sausage roll concentrate

Check out our range of tasty products today and make baking easier than you ever imagined.

  Description Stock Code
Cornish Pasty Mix-Add Meat [10kg] COR4719
Fish Batter Mix
Fish Batter Mix [3.5kg] MIXB106
Yorkshire Pudding Mix 3.5kg
Yorkshire Pudding Mix [4x3.5kg] MIXY910
Sausage Roll Concentrate
Macphie Sausage Roll Concentrate [12.5kg] SAU1791
Sleaford Sausage Meat Extender [12.5kg] SAU1827

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