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Film Fronted

  Description Stock Code
7"x7" [178x178mm] Brown Kraft Film Front Bag [1000] ZBAGFI004
8.5"x8.5" [215x215mm] Brown Kraft Film Front Bag [1000] ZBAGFI007
10"x10" [254x254mm] Brown Kraft Film Front Bag [1000] ZBAGFI010
4"x6"x14" [100x150x350mm] Brown Kraft Film Front Bag [1000] ZBAGFI013
7"x7" [178x178] Film Front Bag [1000] White ZBAGFI08
8.5"x8.5" [215x215] Film Front Bag [1000] White ZBAGFI14
10"x10" [254x254] Film Front Bag [1000] White ZBAGFI20
4"x6"x14" White Film Front Bag [1000] ZBAGFI26
Plain Polyprop Bags
B/0184 - 150x200mm [6"x8"] Wicketed Plain Film Bag [2000] ZBAGFI517
Plain Polyprop Bags
B/0183 - 150x350 [6"x14"] Wicketed Plain Film Bag [2000] ZBAGFI541
Plain Polyprop Bags
B/0180 - 200x250 [8"x10"] Wicketted Plain Film Bag [2000] ZBAGFI565
Plain Polyprop Bags
B/0181 - 250x300 [10"x12"] Wicketted Plain Film Bag [2000] ZBAGFI577
Plain Polyprop Bags
B/0193 - 250x350 [10"x14"] Wicketted Plain Film Bag [2000] ZBAGFI589

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