Ambient Food Category

Crembel and Fudgice

  Description Stock Code
Crembel - Chocolate
Craigmillar Chocolate Crembel Fudgeice [12.5kg] CRE1269
Crembel - Caramel
Craigmillar Crembel Caramel Fudgeice [12.5kg] CRE1272
Craigmillar Strawberry Crembel [12.5kg] CRE1287
Craigmillar Vanilla Crembel [12.5kg] CRE1299
Bakels Rich Chocolate Fudgice
Bakels Rich Chocolate Fudgeice [10kg] FUD2310
Ingrams Richmeadow Banana Fudgeice [12.5kg] FUD2373
Ingrams Caramel Fudgeice [12.5kg] FUD2394
Ingrams Vanilla Fudgeice [12.5kg] FUD2397
Ingrams Coffee Fudgeice [12.5kg] FUD2400
Madison Vegan Chocolate Fudgeice [12.5kg] FUD2406
Chocolate Fudge
Puratos Chocolate Fudge [12.5kg] FUD2949
Caramel fudge
Puratos Fudge Caramel T2 RSPO [12.5kg] FUD2952

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