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Piping Bags and Tubes

Caterers piping bags are an essential piece of catering equipment. Useful for a host of purposes, they are important wholesale baking products for those producing savoury or sweet dishes. Here at Bradleys, we have a range of high-quality wholesale piping bags in our selection of non-food products. No matter your piping needs, you can be sure we have a piping bag to suit your requirements.

What Can Wholesale Piping Tubes Be Used For?

Wholesale piping tubes serve a host of important catering purposes. These include:

· Decorating cakes and cookies · Squeezing dough into tins · Adding pureed vegetables or potatoes to toppings

What Do I Need From A Piping Bag?

Piping ingredients is something that is frequently required in the catering industry. Therefore, caterers must have the right piping hardware to meet their requirements. Caterers piping bags and piping tubes must be strong and durable to cope with the rigorous demands of the food industry. They must be made from quality materials and must be easy to maintain and clean. They must also be simple and convenient to use and fill. In our range, you’ll find piping bags that are designed for convenience and simplicity.

Our Range Of Wholesale Piping Bags

We have an extensive range of piping bags in our collection that will suit all caterers’ requirements. We stock both disposable and reusable nylon and cotton piping bags in our range. These come in a range of sizes from 16” to 24”. We also stock star piping tubes in sizes from 5mm to 13mm.

Browse our range now and feel free to contact us for any further information.

  Description Stock Code
Disposable Piping Bag
21" Disposable Piping Bag [100] DIS2050
16 inch Cotton Piping Bag
16" [400mm] Cotton Piping Bag [1] PIP5408
18 inch Cotton Piping Bag
18" [450mm] Cotton Piping Bag [1] PIP5411
24 inch Cotton Piping Bag
24" [600mm] Cotton Piping Bag [1] PIP5414
Nylon Piping Bag 24 inch
24" [600mm] Nylon Piping Bag [1] PIP5429
Star Piping Tube
5mm Star Piping Tube [1] PIP5462
Star Piping Tube
7mm Star Piping Tube [1] PIP5465
Star Piping Tube
9mm Star Piping Tube [1] PIP5468
Star Piping Tube
11mm Star Piping Tube [1] PIP5471
Star Piping Tube
13mm Star Piping Tube [1] PIP5474

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