Description Stock Code
Renshaw White Petal Paste [3x100g] MODEL209
Renshaw White Petal Paste [12x3x100g] MODEL212
Renshaw White Modelling Paste [180g] MODEL221
Renshaw White Modelling Paste [12x180g] MODEL224
Renshaw White Flower & Modelling Paste [250g] MODEL233
Renshaw White Flower & Modelling Paste [20x250g] MODEL236
Renshaw Essential Colours F&M Paste [5x100g] MODEL245
Renshaw Essential Colours F&M Paste [6x5x100g] MODEL248
Renshaw Dahlia Black F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL260
Renshaw Forget-Me-Not Blue F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL272
Renshaw Hydrangea Blue F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL284
Renshaw Grass Green F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL296
Renshaw Leaf Green F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL308
Renshaw Rose Pink F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL320
Renshaw Carnation Red F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL332
Renshaw Daffodil Yellow F&M Paste [8x250g] MODEL344
Renshaw Extra White Icing [1kg] MODEL353
Renshaw Extra White Icing [6x1kg] MODEL356
Renshaw Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste [12x180g] MODEL404
Renshaw White Chocolate Modelling Paste [12x180g] MODEL416
Renshaw Celebration Pro Regalice [20x500g] REG3527
Renshaw Celebration Pro Regalice [1kg] REG3536
Renshaw Celebration Pro Regalice [10x1kg] REG3539
Renshaw Celebration Pro Regalice [2x2.5kg] REG3551

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