Ambient Food Category

Baked Pastry Products

  Description Stock Code
Champador 11cm Savoury Tartlet - 150356 [96] CASE310
Pruve 85mm Straight French Tartlet
Pruve 85mm Straight Tartlet [144] CASE328
Champador 11cm Sweet Tartlet [96] CASE334
Pruve 110mm Straight French Tartlet
Pruve 100mm Straight Tartlet [96] CASE337
Champador 28cm Sweet Tart Case [12] CASE358
Dawn Pruve Eclair
Pruve 130mm Choux Éclair [100] CHOUX130
Dawn Pruve Giant Eclair
Pruve 160mm Giant Choux Éclair [100] CHOUX160
Cream Horn Shells
Unifine Cream Horn Shell [72] CRE2211
Pruve Crystal Pastry Shells
Pruve D85 Crystal Pastry Shells [81] CRY2214
Mini Sweet Butter Tartlet
Pidy 4.5cm Mini Sweet Butter Tartlet [180] CASE319
11.5cm Quice Tarlet Deep
Pidy 11.5cm Quiche Tartlet Deep [42] CASE418

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