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At Bradleys Foods, our wholesale Coleslaw is of premium quality & made from British grown vegetables. They add a great deal of flavour to sandwiches, burgers, or anything you serve it with. Whether you’re adding it to a main dish of meat, or salad, having a few spoonfus of it can be an easy way to add it to a healthy diet too. Try it on a hot dog instead of ketchup or try it inside a burger for an extra dose of tang and flavour. You can check out our burger patties here.

Coleslaw is incredibly tasty, but also has some great health benefits for you, so including it in your diet will have many positive effects. As a result of the carrots and cabbage in the coleslaw, you get approximately one-quarter of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, as well as the total recommended daily allowance of vitamin E.

At Bradleys Foods, our friendly team of staff are experts in the field of all things food related and are ready to assist you along the way. Our mission is to provide you with the most enjoyable food and grocery buying experience possible. Take a look at our chilled collection today and see for yourself. Feel free to contact our friendly sales team or get in touch with us if you have any concerns or want further assistance.

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Premium Coleslaw
Premium Coleslaw [2kg] SAL1035

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