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Doughnut Products

Make the perfect doughnuts every time with our selection of premium concentrates & mixes. Find out more here & call to place an order today.

  Description Stock Code
Lesaffre Inventis 50/50 Yeast Doughnut Concentrate [16kg] DON1188
Doughnut Paste Concentrate
Bakels Doughnut Paste Concentrate [13kg] DON1194
Craigmillar Doughnut Concentrate 16kg
Craigmillar Doughnut Concentrate [16kg] DON1206
Premium Doughnut Concentrate
Macphie Premium Doughnut Concentrate [16kg] DON1232
Dawn Premium Doughnuts
Dawn Premium Raised Doughnut Base [25kg] DON1350
Doughnut Concentrate
Ireks Global Yeast Donut Concentrate [25kg] DON1404
Cake Doughnut Mix
Zeelandia Cake Doughnut Mix [10kg] DON4026

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