Ambient Food Category

Chocolate Coatings

  Description Stock Code
Belcolade Plain Chocolate Chunks
Belcolade C501/U:A Plain Chunks [15kg] BELC1518
WBC7 Blended Coating
WBC7 Blended Coating [12.5kg] BLE5904
Goldichoc Blended Drops
Goldichoc Blended Drops [12.5kg] BLE5931
Plain Carat Coating U2
Puratos Plain U2 Carat Coating [10kg] CHO2943
WDC8 Dark Coating
WDC8 Dark Coating [12.5kg] DAR5913
Goldichoc Dark Drops
Goldichoc Dark Chocolate Drops [12.5kg] DAR5940
Premium Light Coating
Premium Light Coating Non Hydrogenated [20kg] LIGHT200
WWC13 Non Hydro White Coating [12.5kg] WHI5961

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