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Creating a memorable continental breakfast for your customers should always include a croissant! Wholesale suppliers like Bradleys Bakery and Food Service Distribution work hard to provide frozen croissants wholesale so that you can bake them fresh every morning for the best results.

Our Range of Ready to Bake Croissants – Wholesale

The great thing about croissants is that they are so versatile and can be used to make sweet or savoury options. We are pleased to offer many different croissant variations so that you can choose the ones that best reflect your needs. Choose from:

· Almond · Chocolate · All butter · Apricot · Pretzel · Chocolate and hazelnut · And more

When your croissants arrive, they will be frozen and ready to store until you want to use them. Not only does this reduce the amount of food waste you create, but it also enables you to cook them fresh and serve them warm each day.

Croissants – The Bradley’s Way

At Bradley’s, we work hard to source the best ingredients and products so that you can enjoy serving them! We have options for every budget and a team who are committed to finding you the perfect solutions for all your needs.

If you are ready to order your wholesale croissants or you would like to speak to someone about setting up a wholesale account, then get in touch today, and we will get everything organised for you!

  Description Stock Code
Bakehouse All Butter Curved Croissant
Schulstad Ready To Bake All Butter Curved Croissant [48x70g] FZBA099
Bakehouse Almond Croissant
Schulstad Ready To Bake Almond Croissant [48x95g] FZBA093
Bakehouse Chocolate Croissant
Schulstad Ready To Bake Chocolate Croissant [48x80g] FZBA096
Bridor Raw Apricot Croissant
Bridor Raw Butter Apricot Croissant [40x115g] FZBDOR218
Bridor Croissant 80g
Bridor Raw Butter Croissant [120x80g] FZBDOR332
Bridor Raw Croissant
Bridor Raw Butter Croissant [150x71g] FZBDOR326
All Butter Croissant
Bridor Ready To Bake All Butter Croissant [50x90g] FZBDOR695
Bridor All Butter Coissant
Bridor Ready To Bake All Butter Croissant [60x70g] FZBDOR686
Filled Chocolate and Hazelnut Croissant
Bridor Ready To Bake Filled Choc & Hazelnut Croissant [44x90g] FZBDOR572

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