NEW! Christmas Sandwich Fillings

Continuing the growing trend of seasonal food opportunities, these new Christmas Sandwich Fillings are a great way to offer your customers an exciting limited edition flavour.

SFXM006 – Zafron Festive Filler - £11.10

Turkey, Cranberry & Bacon in a festive mayonnaise.

SFXM015 – Christmas Mix - £7.30

Mayonnaise mixed with diced turkey, sausage, bacon pieces, cranberry sauce, onions and a hint of sage.

SFXM033 – Goats Cheese, Cranberry & Onion - £9.90

SFXM051 – Turkey, Cranberry, Sage & Onion - £7.20

SFXM060 - Brie, Ham & Cranberry - £9.60

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